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Double your SaaS subscriber growth in 30 days without spending tons of time or cash on marketing.

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Free Membership For The First 100 Pre Launch Users!

No credit card required


The power of exponential cross promotion


Search the directory for a company with complimentary services and send them a promotion request 


When accepted, the two companies then mutually cross promote each other on their respective subscription pages


Both companies benefit from engaging with each others users


Repeat the process with up to 50 companies and exponentially grow your audience

Still don't get it..?

  • Picture this: You team up with 25 like-minded businesses through B2Bhive, mutually promoting each other's offerings post-subscription.


  • These 25 partners each attract 5 new subscribers daily. 


  • That means your product will be promoted to 3,750 potential customers per month or 45,000 per year.


  • Now, let's take a conservative approach and assume a conversion rate of just 2%...


        That’s still translates to 900 new subscribers per year.


        What's the value of that to you?


        Certainly not less than ZERO, which happens to be the cost of a             B2Bhive membership right now.        

          Sign up for free as one of the first 100 pre-launch users!

P.S If you pick better Promotion Partners and get that conversion rate to 5%, those 900 new subscribers skyrocket to 2,250

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Marketing on Auto Pilot

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Grow Your Business

You're not just growing your user base. You're adding value to customers by pointing them to tools that help accomplish their goals.

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Why B2BHive?

Saas sales funnel

Increased Lead Conversion

Referral leads are the strongest leads

The user sees the B2BHive offer after they have subscribed to a service, validating a level of confidence in the Promotion Partner and a willingness to use similar product offerings.

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Dashboard of subscriber growth

Subscriber Dashboard

 B2BHive's analytics dashboard will give you a clear picture of your subscriber growth and how effective each of your Promotion Partners are.

Keep track of where your subscribers are coming from

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Customized Ads

Further incentivize the user to check out your products or services

Include tailor made deals and discounts for each of your promotion partners to drive more traffic

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