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Q: How will my product/service be promoted by other companies?

A: Your company name, logo and description will appear on the Promotion Partners website immediately after a user subscribes to the Promotion Partners webpage. A link to your subscription page will be included in this promotion. When a user clicks on this link, they will be directed to your webpage in a separate window to ensure that users experience remains intact.

Q: How many Promotion Partners can I have at once?

A: The number of Promotion Partners a single user can have at one time is based on subscription tier. 


Tier One: 5 Promotion Partners

Tier Two: 20 Promotion Partners

Tier Three: 50 Promotion Partners

Note: Only 5 promotions are displayed at once to ensure a positive user experience is maintained.

Q: If only 5 promotions are displayed at once, how are the other Promotion Partners displayed in tier two & three subscriptions?

A: Tier two and three users will display their Promotion Partners at random, in groups of 5, ensuring that all promotion partners receive an equal number of promotion opportunities per week. 

Q: How do I benefit from promoting other companies?

A: B2BHive is founded on mutual cross promotion. The value of promoting other companies is that you will automatically be promoted by them as well, ensuring that both users benefit from the collaboration.

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